SavelGo warranties for one year from the date of sale to the consumer that the SavelGo is of merchantable quality and that it conforms to applicable specifications. Applicable specifications mean the specification for the Processor, the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The applicable specifications exclude and no warranty is provided for the specifications for any other components or for any performance that can degrade naturally with normal use for one year. In no event does the limited warranty of the applicable specifications, as defined above, cover failures resulting from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, accidents, excess moisture, insects, lightning, power surges, connections to improper voltage supply, or unauthorized alteration or modification of the product. If you discover that your SavelGo is not of merchantable quality and fails to conform to its applicable specifications, as defined above, we will, at our option, refund the purchase price, or repair or replace the product, using new or refurbished components within a reasonable time during the warranty period. The costs of shipping or transporting the product (including to and from SavelGo), any insurance or any import fee duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the consumer and will be not be covered by this warranty.

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